Another Day, Another Fake Scandal

As predictable as the sun rising in the East, the Democrats have come up with another new horrendous, absolutely unspeakable, major threat to the security of the United States and perhaps to the entire free world. White House adviser and Trump son-in-law, Jared Kushner spoke with a Russian!! Not only that but he may have wanted it to be private, i.e. he wanted to communicate without the discussion immediately appearing in the newspaper (meaning before leakers anonymous picked it up). (This part of the story seems to be questionable, but let’s assume it’s true for argument’s sake.) He wanted a “back channel” established!! The fate of western civilization hangs in the balance if he doesn’t lose his security clearance according to Adam Schiff. Sounds pretty dire. That is, until you give it about 30 seconds thought.


Democrats and John McCain (hard to explain what’s in the mind of the Senator from Arizona) would have us believe that the 44 presidents who preceded Donald Trump never practiced this bizarre behavior of talking to or having an emissary talk to a foreign dignitary in private. Knowing that to be ludicrous, we are admonished to dig deeper, because that’s too simplistic. It needs a bit more color to show the scandalous nature of these contacts.   First, Trump colluded with Russia to win the election so the contact takes on much more importance. Oh, wait. That’s part of a discredited report and there’s no evidence. Forget that detail. So many people believe it, it’s got to be true. Democrats are pretty good at building a false conclusion based on a false narrative. Well, how about the fact that Kushner wasn’t officially in the administration at the time, and it was even before Trump was sworn in? That makes it bad because? Again, we are to believe none of the previous 44 presidents ever attempted to establish a secure communication channel prior to being sworn in.   We are told however, in this instance it is nefarious because the new allegations need to be taken in context of the prior existing questionable allegations. Throw in the words “Russia”, “collusion” and “Ambassador Kislyak” and now there’s a real scandal. I fully expect to see more attacks on Melania Trump. We know she is from Slovenia and that for most of the period after WWII, Slovenia was under Communist control. How hard could it be to make up a new scandal based on those facts?


Clearly, Democrats are throwing everything at Trump hoping something will stick. They are in a frenzy and are unmindful of how panic-stricken they appear. Perhaps they will try to rush through a bill making any conversation by an administration official with a Russian illegal. I’m sure they can get Senator McCain to sign on, so they can call it bi-partisan. Just tell him he will be serving the country. He likes that. It’s understandable why Democrats are doing these silly things. Their base loves it (just explain it’s about Trump and Russia and they will be outraged without giving it a second thought). It also keeps the Democrats from having to do anything constructive for the economy or security of the country that Trump would necessarily get credit for. It’s win/win for them even if they don’t pick up any seats in the 2018 midterms.   Of course, their hope is that the drip, drip of bad news will finally have an impact. At this point that’s not likely because Trump voters fully understand the obstruction for what it is and are getting more upset with these shenanigans.


Democrats’ and the media’s brains are so fried these days they don’t even realize they may be giving up some of their most valuable devices by complaining about back channel communications.   If it wasn’t for their ability to keep secret, until the right time, deals like the Iran Nuclear deal or opening Cuba or Benghazi or Fast & Furious, just to name a few, they would never have survived the light of day. They probably don’t care because they assume their voters usually don’t pick up the hypocrisy.


3 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Fake Scandal”

    1. They are like a worn out boxer in the late rounds. They are losing on all the scorecards all the can do is throw wild haymakers in the hope of catching the champ on the jaw with a knockout blow. Trump has to be careful but he is in control of this match.

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